Landlord Information

When you list your investment property for lease with our agency, you will have the guarantee of superior service and professionalism via our envied reputation amongst so many of our existing clients and within Ballarat.

Our Property Management Division is independently located away from the Residential Sales Division and operated solely for the purpose of property management and leasing. We specialise in all aspects of residential leasing with a complement of experienced property managers and numerous support staff. Unlike other agencies, we also operate a highly successful and professional Owners Corporation Management Division headed up by Allister Morrison who is arguably the most qualified real estate agent in Ballarat and a qualified property valuer.

Rental To Be Charged

Maryborough Ballarat Real Estate is best placed to advise you on the correct amount of rental to be charged, based on our experience and on comparison with other similar properties rented in the same area. By choosing a realistic rental the first time, you ensure that you have the best chance for a longer and continuous tenancy - which results in a better financial return on your investment in the long term.


Tenant Selection

Our prime position in High Street, 1st stop web address, Maryborough and link to the Melbourne, Geelong, Ballarat and Bendigo markets via out network of offices in the Property Profile Group means we are the first stop for all prospective tenants. This enables us to be more selective and maintain higher occupancy rates than other agent. We have a very strict and thorough system for the selection of tenants. Commencing with detailed application forms, we personally talk with referees, past employers and agents. We are members of the Tenancy Information Centre of Australia. Every applicant is checked  on this database. Only after such thoroughchecking do we allow our intuition and experience to help us guide you on the final selection. It is generally our policy not to accept a tenant until approval and confirmation has been sought from you, the owner.


Tenancy Information Centre of Victoria (TICA)

We have access to an Australia wide database of information relating to records for “former” tenants.
Agents all over Australia lodge details on this database when they have had a bad tenant. Good tenants are lodged also. It is then possible to enquire about names and personal details of applicants on this system to see if they have a recommended or non-recommended status.

Leasing Agreement

We arrange all lease documentation. Upon expiry date, under the current law, the tenant is still bound under the terms and conditions as listed in the original lease. However on your approval, we will renew any lease necessary and discuss any further rental requirements. We also add a number of additional clauses to the recommended REIV Tenancy Agreement which we feel are most appropriate.

Income Statements

Your detailed income statement will be forwarded to you each month. Our statement run is on the first business day of the month. It will be posted to you with copies of any invoices we have paid on your behalf. We can post you a cheque or bank the money directly into your chosen account. Deposits are made either that day or first thing the following day. In the case of mortgage payments we advise that you are initially one month in advance to allow for any delays in postage or receipt of rent. We can endeavour to make arrangements in special circumstances for earlier rental payments, if necessary.


Prior to the initial tenant occupying or within the duration of the lease, we may advise that certain maintenance is required. On such occasions, we use our regular trusted group of tradespeople who look after all properties managed by our agency. It is our policy to report repairs directly to you, the owner, within 24 hours where possible, unless the matter is of extreme urgency. However, if an owner has given approval for us to carry out works to a nominated figure we will carry out repairs and take reasonable action to advise of maintenance requests. Of course any urgent repairs affecting the tenants health or safety must be attended to, and we will need to use our discretion on these matters.


Condition Reports

Accurate condition reports are prepared prior to tenant occupancy to ensure that your property is left in good condition. Copies of our condition reports are signed and collected from the tenant. The original is kept in our office for future reference. If you require a copy for your files, please contact our office and we can arrange this. Photographs are very useful for condition reports and for Residential Tenancy Tribunal claims. If requested, photographs are taken before each tenant commences tenancy at a fixed cost (please speak to one of our professional property managers for further information).


Rent Reviews

Rents are reviewed regularly according to market conditions. We will endeavour to consult you to discuss current market trends and your particular circumstances. We always welcome your call to discuss the current rental market at the time.

Routine Inspections

Our routine inspections are carried out on a 6 monthly basis, to ensure that the property is being maintained in optimum condition. In between we make random visits to the property. Written reports are completed on all formal inspections and forwarded to you for recommendation and attention. We strongly suggest that any maintenance suggestions are given careful consideration.


If you would like a FREE, no obligation appraisal of your property please call (03) 5460 5100 and speak to our property management team. Our goal in property management is to maximise your income, minimise your expenditure and focus on capital growth. We are Maryborough's leading property managers.