Special tips for presenting your home for sale

At Maryborough Ballarat Real Estate we will make your home look so good you may just want to keep it. We believe that a strong marketing campaign is paramount to the overall goal of attracting the best purchasers, prepared to pay the best price in the shortest period of time. Our tailor made marketing campaign will create so much competition amongst buyers that you can be confident that the best result will be achieved.


Presentation sells homes and gets top results. Just as we will present your home at its best to the public via our unbeatable marketing and advertising you too can improve the saleability of your home by adopting some of our easy tips:


1. First Impressions are lasting ones. An inviting exterior ensures inspection of the
interior. Keep the lawns trimmed, gardens neat, and paths and driveways
in good repair. 

2. A clean and tidy interior is important in helping sell a house. Marked walls
and stained carpet can seriously reduce the saleability of a home. Present your
home at its best to achieve a top selling price.

3. Repair that leaking spout or broken light switch. What you know to be a minor
problem will seem like a major defect to a prospective buyer.

4. Welcome prospects with the glowing warmth of a well lit home. During the day keep drapes
and blinds open and in the evening hours be sure the porch and interior lighting shows of and off
every sparkling corner of your home.

5. Mellow music in the background is delightful, but loud radios and televisions may prevent good
communication between the prospect and the sales person.

6. In Winter and Maryborough a nice warm home is most inviting and will often swing a sale.

7. Love me… Love my dog - doesn’t apply when selling a house. Keep Fido out of the way and
preferably out of the house.

8. Do not “tag” along with a prospective buyer and our Sales Consultant. Remember: you are employing
us to sell your house. We are experts so let us do the job for you. We usually interview the prospective
buyer: thus we know what he/she wants, what to say, and the right time to say it. Preferably leave the
house during inspections (or stay in the background).

We have further tips which we will present to you regarding how to maximise your sale result when listing your property with us.