Tips on renting

Service Connection

You as the tenant will need to organise services to be connected to your new rental premises and have the services finalised when vacating. We can put you in touch with a service connection organisation that can assist you in conecting all your service including internet etc.This service is provided FREE of charge. Speak to one of our professional property managers for further information.


Smoke Alarms

Smoke alarms should be checked by the tenant on a weekly- basis. to ensure that they are in proper working order.- We recommend that you change your smoke alarm batteries at least once a year. (When you change your clocks to daylight savings time or earlier if necessary). You must immediately notify our office in writing when a smoke detector/alarm is found to be faulty or not correctly located within the property.


Condition Report

After checking your Condition Report, the original copy must be signed and returned to our office within THREE WORKING DAYS from the commencement of your tenancy.


Lease Agreement

It is wise to keep your copy of your Lease Agreement and this information in a safe place for future use. You have been provided with a copy of RENTING — STATEMENT OF RIGHTS & DUTIES. You are advised to read this, as it may help answer any questions or concerns you have.



Only the people listed on your original lease agreement are allowed to reside at the premises permanently. If a new tenant wishes to move in or an existing tenant move out, our office MUST always be notified before this happens. Bond money is non-transferable.



Any repairs that need attending to must be organised by our office if they are to be paid for by our office. If you organise your own repairs except in the case of extreme emergency, you may be responsible for their payment.


Rental Payments

We do not physically collect rental payments. Our preferred method of payment of rent is Direct Debit. There are many benefits to using Direct Debit. Your rent automatically comes out of a chosen account each fortnight. This ensures regularity of payment and ensures you will have a good rental history. It is also time saving and takes the stress out of finding a park on busy High Street, Maryborough.

Our office hours are:
Monday to Friday ~ 9:00am - 5:00pm
Saturday ~ 9:00am - 1:00pm
Sunday ~ Available via mobile phone

Rent can also be paid by personal cheque. We regret however that pre-dated cheques are not accepted and receipts are not sent if a stamped, self-addressed envelope is not provided. It is an offence to write a cheque that will be dishonoured.

The full rental amount is to be paid each week, fortnight or month. Rent must always be kept in advance as NOTICE OF TERMINATION OF TENANCY IS SERVED AFTER RENT IS 14 DAYS OVERDUE. If you are having problems paying your rent we are very approachable so please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss problems.


Safety & Security

Please check all doors, locks and openings to ensure they are secure. One complete set of keys has been provided for you. You are welcome to organise additional sets to be cut but all must be returned to our office upon vacating. It is probably wise to replace all locks. If this is done we must be given a spare key to each lock changed. You should check to see that your premises are safe in regard to power (check power board and points), gas (ensure there are no leaks), solid fuel stoves and heaters and other appliances including heating.



We recommend all Tenants obtain insurance on the premises they are renting; for example contents, public liability, and other relevant cover. Please contact Warwick Remington at Remington Insurance Brokers Pty Ltd of 11 Lydiard Street South, Ballarat on 5331 7341.


Giving Notice

Twenty-eight (28) days notice in writing is required. A form to notify us of this is available at our office for you to complete. This must be completed even if your original lease agreement has expired. If you wish to break your lease agreement by vacating early, we will try to assist you. Please contact our office so this can be organised for you and we can explain your legal responsibilities. Rent is paid until the 28th day or until the day that all keys are returned. The carpets must be professionally steam cleaned and a receipt provided. A forwarding address and telephone number must also be given. Once your keys have been returned, a final inspection will be conducted at the property and the return of your bond then organised.


For further information on renting through Maryborough Ballarat Real Estate please feel free to contact our professional property management team on (03) 5460 5100 or email